Value Growth with Lean Strategic Management & Lean Strategies

KDR Associates is a management coaching and education company in corporate performance improvement services.   KDR helps Service and Manufacturing companies achieve value growth through business design.  The KDR Associates process of rapid improvement using lean enterprise strategies and processes is designed for lasting business performance improvement on a focused or enterprise-wide basis.  Our Lean Strategic Management process accelerates business improvement for growth and bottom line results through strong corporate strategy, people involvement, and operating excellence.


Accelerate Business Performance

KDR Associates is versatile, focused and brings real world hands-on experience for accelerating business performance and value growth through utilizing Lean Operating Strategies that involve your people and drive business results. At KDR Associates we work as a team with our clients to translate and extend business performance to their markets and customers. Our Lean Strategic Management process develops fast, actionable strategic solutions to leverage improvements and take advantage of opportunities for new top-line growth.